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Sixty​-​Six Minutes Past Six

by Evil Scarecrow

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Insemination 01:04
Choose Metal 04:28
Stumbled I upon a town of cretins Its crooked gays macabre and grim This place of Hate is where I met him Eyes crooked and knees all a-wonk He smelt bad like fags and everything Insected shirt and lisping tongue Waitress did came and cackled her wares Hair 'pon chin and devoid of wit Today's special is spit with eyes in it He exclaimed, shrieking at me, hypocrisy This is his town, name lets him down Blueprint for Hate, revering it's state Falwell he claims, "this is the end" The Governer of hate, Chris Hitchens is irate "Jerry Falwell you're a fundamentalist... ... This is rediculous, it not the name that's wrong It is your passion for building houses upside down" The Architect of Hate, his laughter is fuelled by cries Battle spilled out into Hate bleached street A dispassionate crowd doesn't gather again The air grows thin with the colour of shame Again stands Hitchens bold Again the same fight unfolds Again Jerry Falwell falls And thus mine tale'th be'd told An epic warning t'young and t'old Don't wander far friend unlest you meet... The Architect of Hate He is the Architect of Hate We are the Architect of Hate They be the Architect of Hate Who is the Architect of Hate?
I take the razor blade, bathing in silent rain Carve in my naked flesh, the word I feel is pain Replacing vowels with Roman numerals Feel my pain, feel my pIVIn, feel my sorrow Blacken the everything Blacken my eyes Blacken my soul to excommunicate my life Blacken the everything Blacken the sky Blacken the sun and extinguish the light I wear my scars, the plastic medals of my war I've lived a thousand lives more miserable than yours My mortal punishment, my choreful chores My make up runs, my eyes go sore Blacken the everything Blacken my eyes Blacken my soul to excommunicate my life Blacken the everything Blacken the sky Blacken the sun and extinguish the light Blacken, Blacken, Blacken, Blacken the everything Blacken the sun, Blacken the sky, Blacken my eyes Blacken the everything Blacken my will, Blacken to kill, Blacken my time Blacken the everything
War and Seek 04:23
War! My hatred for you fuels my fire of pursuit Gas bags with anthrax on my back to aim at you Entrenched in these trenches, black trench-coat and gun When you're in my sight you'll take flight but we'll fight not run One down, one million to go... war! At one with my weapon to split you in two Machine gun to rupture and bayonet to run you through My machine of war machine weapon of war More mighty than sword, pen or shield or terrror-tackor One down, one million to go... war! Bring me the napalm! War, where are you? Where are you hiding? I have been looking for you You, over there, have you seen her? War, I am looking for war 1, 2, 3, war! Is this a protest song? No! Is this pro-war propaganda? No! Is this a song about war? Yeah! War! One down, one million to go... war!
Horatius 07:30
LARS Porsena of Clusium By the Nine Gods he swore That the great house of Tarquin Should suffer wrong no more By the Nine Gods he swore it And named a trysting day And bade his messengers ride forth To summon his array East and west and south and north To summon his array A mile around the city The throng stopped up the ways A fearful sight it was to see Through two long nights and days Out spake the Consul roundly “The bridge must straight go down For, since Janiculum is lost Naught else can save the town” Then out spake brave Horatius The Captain of the gate “To every man upon this earth Death cometh soon or late And how can man die better Than facing fearful odds For the ashes of his fathers And the temples of his gods" Standeth our tryptic of braved souls to hold fast the way Approacheth the might Tuscan hoard Led by Astur, to do battle this day All appeareth lost on the bridge And in a far off land a dwarf did weep Lord of Luna with sword to the thigh Cuts Horatius deep to the bone, he might die But Herminius retaliates Swift of blow, knife plunged in his face and he dies But meanwhile axe and lever Have manfully been plied And now the bridge hangs tottering Above the boiling tide But when they turned their faces And on the farther shore Saw brave Horatius stand alone They would have crossed once more And now with shouts and clapping, and noises of weeping loud he enters through the River-Gate, borne by the joyous crowd With weeping and with laughter, still is the story told How well Horatious kept the bridge, in the brave days of old
Leviticus decreed in chapter 13 Amongst the tales of sodomy and incest The underworld will loom in the shadow of the moon Through the bellies of the Hungary who are trapped in Budapest The King of Time heas to make the time work He enters Dharma's code into his time computer 3 Monster tries to foil him and summon Armageddon If the seventh hour fails it's sixty-six minutes past six In Hell the King of Time shall tick no more In Hell the Queen of Succubae touches herself In Hell "by the bleeding eye of Hitler!" What is the time? Sixty-six minutes past six Satan stands smoking babies in his pentagram Calls forth his generals four "Kaka Demon, Cyber Demon, Mega Demon, Monster" Drown a baby horse in a river of blood Six, six, six, sixty-six minutes past six Satan stands, fork in hand, in his pentagram To chastise his demons four Curse the King of Time and his garden and his house Monster ballsed it up again, he's such a fish and chips
Born of an egg on a moutain top Not biotech nor man Hatched alone he breathes in the slime Arigato, he's Godzilla Godzilla, Godzilla Amphibious monster, unwanted creature His wife was Kirsten Damned Spitting fire, retreat to the sea Mata ashita, goodbye Godzilla Godzilla, Godzilla Beneath China's ocean sits ancient Godzilla Alone with one friend whose name is despair Weeping inside for lack of a bride Lamenting this curse of an immortal life Godzilla is brave, Godzilla is strong He'll fight the good fight, the fight will go on Battling Mothra and armies of robots Definding the Earth, defending mankind His laser eyes can see everything His teeth as sharp as some razor blades His massive weight can crush anything His hear as big as a moon Godzilla, Godzilla
My tale of conquest begins with massacre My perfect children opressed and pressed My fragile army beyond your mercy We kill your flies, repaid with death We send our small ones to the night Inside your mind the spiders climb Controlling thoughts with pressure points Your vacant mind belongs to us You will sow what you reap Spider god, HAIL! Crushed under foot 8 humans at a time I'll make you pay for this Crushed under foot 8 humans at a time I'll make you pay HAIL! The humans flee before the charging hordes HAIL! Majestic grace of the spider god HAIL! Injecting necrotoxin venomous HAIL! The spider army is victorious Trapped under foot 8 humans at a time I'll make you pay for this Trapped under foot 8 humans at a time I'll make you pay Enraged with suffering, stay your persecution My violent campaign of destruction will tear your earth asunder Our vengence now unfurls, we lay our silken traps Ensnare your female kind and then pregnate A brutal violent rape of angel innocent Will bring forth spider spawn avatar spider born


released May 1, 2009

Recorded by Dr. Hell, Papa Bongo and Oli Fountain. Engineered by Oli Fountain. Mixed and Produced by Rob Harris. Design by Rusty Monkey Ltd. Released by Deadbox Records.


all rights reserved



Evil Scarecrow Nottingham, UK

Evil Scarecrow’s live show has been captivating, delighting and surprising audiences for many years. From the local pub to the main stage at Bloodstock Festival, it has grown bigger, louder and sillier with each year of success.

More than just a metal gig, an Evil Scarecrow show is a performance, a piece of bizarre rock theatre unlike any you’ve seen before.
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